About us

The Company

With continuous technological innovations and creative advancements at our fingertips, there has never been a better time in history for humans to reach their full potential and new levels of self-discovery and awareness. Based on these principles and the possibilities that can be explored, FirstWorld Ventures Ltd, a UK registered company, was founded to provide training services targeted at unlocking our human potential. Whether this potential is on an individual level, amongst teams, or within an organisation, Firstworld offers specific resources and training opportunities for a range of audiences.

Our training material and resources focus on topics that encompass mindfulness, social and emotional intelligence, leadership, and other forms of communication that affect your mindset in the workplace and your everyday life. These skills are made available to corporate organisations, learning institutions, and individuals who aim to enhance their productivity and approach towards situations. Additionally, we also offer complementary services in the form of seminars and workshops that are targeted at the public, focusing more closely on human potential development.

Transforming society lies at the forefront of our agenda and we believe that this can be achieved by challenging the limiting beliefs that individuals hold. Whilst certain views are socially and culturally ingrained in us, we aim to change mindsets by shifting paradigms and utilising performance-enhancing tools, such as training the ‘soft skills’ that we already have.


To increase access to the benefits of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence with at least 50% annual growth in the number of participants in our programmes until 2025.


Facilitating skills and techniques that elicit human potential, to enhance collaboration, productivity and wellbeing.

Our Team

A group of professionals dedicated to empowering individuals and organisation to develop and sustain peak performance with confidence and charisma in their respective career fields. Whether you’re in a C-Suite role, Senior Management, Policymaking, Strategy, Diplomacy, Exec, or a Trainer, our programmes are catered to help individuals reach their potential at each and every stage of their professional path.