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Executive Coaching

Are you planning to take a new step in your career?

Whether you’re hoping to attain a new role within or outside your organisation, the guidance of an Executive Coach will ensure that you take the best route for this path. By adopting the most suitable and professional approach for this change, once your new position is guaranteed, a coach will ensure a streamlined transition from one role to the next.

Coaching is not merely about guidance, but a shift in behaviour, as it can be the catalyst for a significant shift in performance within leadership and managerial roles. Whilst managers are required to have the necessary skills for their role, they are not always capable of following the best approach. Therefore, coaches can help build your confidence and empower your existing problem-solving skills, allowing you to turn ideas into practice.

Investing in a knowledgeable coach can make all the difference between becoming a mediocre manager and an excellent professional that influences and directs decision making.

At Firstworld, we have a team of seasoned Executive Coaches to guide you through this new phase in your career and aspirations.

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Executive Training

Our Executive training programme is designed to empower C-Suite personnel, Senior Management, Policymakers, Strategists and members of the Diplomatic Crops to perform optimally in their respective capacities.

For a more detailed understanding of what our Executive training involves, we’ve listed some of the main features below:

  • A practical framework of immediately applicable leadership qualities.
  • The confidence and skillset to manage employees who report to you.
  • A deeper understanding of the management process and how operational leadership impacts on performance.
  • Reassurance in your performance and capabilities from well-proven leadership theories and case studies.
  • Strategies allowing you to overcome any leadership challenges that you may face.
  • The tools required to influence strategy within your organisation.
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Drawing from our founder’s wealth of military and corporate experience, the self-leadership programme is specifically designed to equip you with life-changing skills that will prepare you emotionally and professionally as you advance through life. Self-doubt or ‘impostor syndrome’ is a common hindrance to all-round growth and development and an obstacle that many face when holding decision making positions in the workplace.

Key skills developed through the programme:

  • Self-discipline and a growth in confidence.
  • A strategy with achievable steps for staying focus and pursuing life goals.
  • Improved leadership skills and building a strong team spirit.
  • Strategies for overcoming general and specific leadership challenges.
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Enlightened Leadership

When we train professionals to become enlightened leaders, we teach them to develop a rational and well-informed outlook in every situation they’re faced with. Whether you’re in a situation that involves decision making or interacting with others, we enable you to adopt a more well-rounded approach, as we demonstrate the combined impact of being an empathetic and wise leader. Additionally, leaders that value factual evidence and reason are able to make more well-informed decisions that are not based off false beliefs.

Although we admire individuals who are fully able to embrace the underpinnings of enlightened leadership, we can’t help but question whether such structured leadership approach is trainable. Instead, the goal of our flagship programmes is to highlight the four-key imperative for Enlightened Leadership to our participants, to; inspire, connect, influence, and support. We believe that leadership need not be tied to specific roles and positions, as it comes hand-in-hand with a commitment to personal development on a personal and leadership level. Based on these premises, we have curated an incredible range of programmes that are split up into three stages, to support your enlightened leadership journey: Compass, Explorer, and, Discovery. Our mission is to provide guidance and support so that you can work alongside your team to achieve the highest results and live your most fulfilling lives.

Our Compass category includes programmes that engender a shared understanding of enlightened leadership and provide foundational skills that clarify how you wish to act as a leader, whilst allowing you to grow and develop as an individual.

Our Explorer programmes are intended to intensify your presence and awareness, supporting your ongoing development as an enlightened leader. This programme seeks to enhance a comprehensive integration of core competencies by embodying your mind, heart, and body.

Lastly, our Discovery programmes provide participants with the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experience and refine their skills. We encourage different leaders to support each other in delivering the promise of enlightened leadership.